❛ For the Whimsical// Rustic // Colour loving // Adventure seeking // Put your hands in the air // Creative // Unique // Earthy // forest loving // Intimate // real // farm// warehouse// Open space // Garden // Fun loving couples ❜

My Approach

A Honest, creative and alternative approach to documenting your I do’s. I specialise in a less formal approach, nothing staged all creatively and beautifully captured and documented with you and your day in mind! A visual narration of your story. A re-collection of all the memories and moments that make up your wedding day. I have a love for capturing all the details, the big moments, the in-between moments, real, honest emotion, a sense of atmosphere, the scenery and the people and faces that unite around you, celebrating in the joy, the love and laughter that surround you. I love to soak in and capture honest emotion as and when it happens, real laughter, real tears. All true, natural and sincere to you as a couple. For me the art in telling your story through imagery is what I absolutely love and hold so dear to what I do. Alongside the photography, I approach our time together as friends meeting friends, sharing an awesome, fun adventure together. My photography is personal to me and personal to each and every couple I am lucky enough to work with. I love the playfulness and creativity of shooting using mostly natural light. I take a more candid, documentary  approach with some planned in time for traditional elements if needed, in a nutshell I want to capture the honesty of your day, the fun memories, the creative details and the connection between you both.Staged isn’t my thing, so no posing, ideally the only thing I ask is that you don’t look at the camera but focus on the moments between the two of you and the connections and love of your day with each other and the friends and family that support you.

The Collaboration.

The journey begins with us talking, me listening, understanding your wants, your wishes, who you are as a couple. Cementing a trusting, fun and supportive relationship that allows for an honest connection between the three of us. Understanding the creative vision and feel for your I do’s. What I need from you. To be yourselves, to love, to laugh, to see the real you. A natural, relaxed and a sincere photography approach. My role as your photographer goes beyond the traditional elements, of just being behind the camera, it is the engagement we have, the laughter we will share, all the while bringing out your sincere connection and avoiding the more traditional route of a staged photography style.If you are a little camera shy, don’t worry, I am here to put you right at ease, take comfort in the fact that the majority of people I meet and collaborate with are not used to being in front of a camera, my approach and style lend itself perfectly to capturing moments and memories that are beautiful, real and that you feel totally comfortable with. I document your day through a less directive approach, and rather a more candid, documentary styled approach which again lends itself perfectly to natural moments and allows you to just be in the moment, with each other and your nearest and dearest on the day of your wedding.

What I capture

Everything that is wonderful! Your gallery is a varied mix between the details and creative touches and surroundings of your day. Documenting all the unique elements and the sentimental details. I love honest imagery of family and friends, reactions, emotions, laughter, tears, anything and everything that comes with the wonderfulness of weddings…nothing staged all captured in the moment, documenting moments to look back on that you, your family and friends with look back on an smile and remember for years to come. While I take a less staged approach to photography and a more candid direction, I do accommodate and make time for important group shots.Your couples pic’s ~ I’m not the type of photography to disappear with my couples for hours to snap your couples imagery. For me your couples imagery is a chance for you both to have a quiet moment together to soak in your wedding day so far… sure I love to capture some more editorial images while we are together, but on the whole I like honest, imagery, of you both just spending time together… all relaxed and with you in mind as a couple, I don’t need long to do this, so anything between 30minutes to and hour is more then enough, so you can return the party with family and friends.Your gallery collection will have a bit of everything… but most importantly will take you right back to the ‘feeling’ of your day and all the unique elemenst that are perosnal to you. I can visit the same venue a million times but it’s garenteed that no wedding will look the same as you are all individuals, with your own personalities and individual love and ideas! So if our planning a wedding that offers a more creative, unique location within Scotland or further a a field… get in touch now, I can’t wait to hear more.