2017 Highlights



‘If you have dream, don’t just dream it do it, don’t let anyone effect your belief, your self worth. Believe and you will always succeed. Live your life to the fullest, embrace the positives, celebrate them everyday and be brave in the face of adversity, let the love you have for yourself and others strengthen you.’

Oh 2017, What a year! Last year most definitely was the year of growth, both personally and professionally for me. I never dreamt when I started my journey as a professional photography that it would teach me so much more then just the technical aspects of operating a camera and capturing an image. Last year saw a journey of self growth, self belief and adventure and while the balance of being a mom to my gorgeous little man and balancing a full-time business wasn’t always easy it was most certainly nothing short of amazing and rewarding. Nothing worth it comes easy and it’s the journey of self discovery that forces you to evaluate the importance of  your personal values, the very reason why you do things and most importantly the life and person you strive to lead and be. Lamb Loves is most certainly an extension of me, my focus and goal is and will always be to meet amazing people along the way, capture and document real moments, real stories and soak in all the wonderfulness along the way and of course to offer a memorable experience through the collaborations I forge along the way. I have connected with so many people, been supported and encouraged by my wonderful inner circle and made some amazing new friendships which I genuinely hold dear to my heart. I don’t think there are enough words to describe and show my gratitude to my wonderful couples, the amazing venues and suppliers I have been lucky enough to visit and meet, you have all touched me, moved me, inspired me and helped me grow, a million thank you’s and a million hugs to you all, it was one hell of a year, which along with all of the above as seen me travel and explore new places, I never dreamed I would have become a destination photographer so early on in my business, the overwhelming belief and investment couples have made to my art and has moved me and inspired me to be brave to share and create more.

This year I am focused on continuing this amazing journey, facing personal challenges with a brave, positive mind and heart and most definitely soaking in the adventure that lies ahead with so many wonderful weddings, elopements in Scotland and further a field… I look forward to learning more everyday, laughing, dancing and possibly crying with you all! Creating and sharing personal projects and sharing all my stories with you.